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    Flyer Zone Placement Service is located in the center of the island in the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica. We are a licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security Jamaica and is license to place people in employment outside of Jamaica.

    List of Programs

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    Summer Work and Travel Program

    Offer a cultural exchange with a working component in the United States for University and College student.

    Camp Counselor Program

    Allows post-secondary students, youth workers and teachers to share their culture and ideas.

    Intern and Trainee Program

    Gives international students/participants the chance to experience intern and trainee.

    The Au Pair Program

    For young adults with child care experience who wants to live and work in a new culture providing loving childcare.

    Teacher Program

    Gives an opportunity to experienced teachers to explore a new educational and cultural environment.

    H2B Program

    Allow participants to travel to the United States temporarily for work, mainly for non-agricultural jobs.


    Just a little of what our clients have to say about us

    Hi Everyone! My Name is Candice Stewart and the Camp I attended was Camp Allen in Bedford New Hampshire. I would also like to say this: being at camp this year has changed me as a person, to be there for someone who immensely needs your help to do simple things that we take for granted every day, is in my opinion one of the greatest things I've ever done, and I would do it again. These people are some of the best people I’ve met so far in my life, their personalities are through the roof! You get to know them so well and you find yourself feeling some type of way with then when they have to leave. To be able to make such a small difference in their lives is amazing because trust me, campers don't forget you. The campers are truly amazing, funny people. I would greatly recommend anybody to be a part of the J1 summer programme at Flyer Zone Placement Services. They are highly professional, always reliable if I needed answers to any questions, patient and dedicated, I remember I got my email that I have my interview at the embassy from flyer zone at 5 in the morning, to me that shows determination and dedication.

    Candice Stewart

    My name is Davianne Jarrett-Mcdermott. I've been a part of the J1 camp counselor program for the past four years, it has been a breath-taking experience culturally and mentally. My camps were Sandy Hill camp and Retreat center and Camp Starlight. I had an amazing time, I love camping, my campers were the best and my co counselors were very supportive and friendly even after camp we still communicate. As I always say the experience is what you make of it and for me it's priceless. I am recommending it to the world of youths, I had the best local agency Flyer Zone Placement Services that made the process smooth and easy, come on board and make your summer one of a kind, It's the hardest job you will ever love.

    Davianne Jarrett-Mcdermott

    I am Rhenielia Lowe and this summer I went to YMCA Camp Lakewood in Missouri.  Camp allows you to gain skills that set you apart from others, it helps to make you into a well-rounded individual, it allows you to share your cultural while experiencing there’s. It teaches core character strengths like tolerance, patience and kindness. My favorite part of camp is meeting all different types of people who are from all over the world, from Mexico, Macedonia, Brazil just to name a few. My experience at camp was like no other, I have made life long friends, children whom I had the chance to make a positive impact on their lives and a chance to experience not only a new culture but also a new environment with animals that I’ve never seen before. I would definitely recommend the camp program to hardworking individuals, because it allows you to grow and develop fundamental skills. Flyer Zone Placement service is just the place to get you on the path to becoming a camp counselor. They conducted themselves with the utmost dignity, they are very respectful and understanding. They will guide you every step of the way.

    Rhenielia Lowe

    My name is Nakeisha Stuart. I am proud to say I attended Talisman Summer Camp. My experience at talisman was everything, I’ve grown in ways I never know existed. My favourite part of the camp was how much they supported me when I was home sick and encouraged me to push myself. They allow me to be myself and come out my comfort zone by doing stuffs I never in my 28th years of life. There’s a lot of things at camp I would say was my favorite but I will say Carnival day was indeed an experience and backwards day.

    Nakeisha Stuart

    Thank you Flyer Zone and CIEE for an awesome summer.....I had the best summer ever. I met some wonderful people I felt at home how the camp directors and other staffs welcomed me as apart of the community. My program was a success 'Riflery' the children were as happy to learn as much I was happy to teach them. I enjoyed all there all the activities and all the camp had to offered me. I enjoyed going on adventure days, enjoying being at the waterfront doing tubing and other water activities I enjoyed it all. I met people from all over some I shared some great memories with and formed some great friendships. Thanks for the best summer of my life.

    Christina Lewis Camp Thunderbird

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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is a J1 Visa?

    The J1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that is issued to individuals approved to participate in the Exchange Visitor program. The J1 visa is issue by the US Embassy/Consulate in your home country, which allows you to enter the USA for cultural exchange.

    What is Summer Work and Travel program?

    Summer Work and Travel is Cultural Exchange Program that offers a cultural exchange opportunity with a working component in the United States, for tertiary students to gain opportunities and work experience

    What types of jobs are available for Summer work and travel?

    The typical jobs available are entry-level positions such as waitress/ waiters, housekeepers, amusement parks workers, fast-food, front desk and a lot more!!!!

    What is a sponsor?

    A sponsor is a company who is designated by the US State department to promote cultural awareness through a wide range of programs. The organization is responsible for vetting of all housing, jobs in keeping with the Department of States criteria, as well as processing and issuing DS-2019 document to take to the US Embassy. Once in the US they are your point of contact for emergencies and queries related to your program.

    What is DS-2019?

    DS-2019 is a document from the Department of State that is issued by an authorized designated sponsor. It is a support document that is required by the US Embassy when you are applying for your J-1 exchange visitor visa. It identifies the exchange visitor and their designated sponsor and provides details of the exchange visitor’s visa. E.g. start and end date of program, SEVIS number etc.

    When do I go to the Embassy?

    You go to the embassy once you have submitted all your documents, all the fees are paid. Then embassy appointment set and DS-2019 and all relevant documents are ready; then you will go on the appointment date and time.

    Can I find my own job?

    Yes, you can find your own job, however, the sponsor must vet, approve the employer and the job offer before issuing you the DS-2019. The job must be an approved job under the J1 program

    What is a Social Security Number?

    This is a unique nine (9) digit tax number that helps the USA identify and record your wages. All individuals must obtain a SSN so they can work legally in the USA.

    Can I stay in the US after my J1 visa expires?

    Yes, based on the nature of the program you have a maximum 30 days in which to travel after your J1 visa expires. However, be mindful of your school start date to return home for school on time. Please note, you cannot work during this period.